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The platform of services provides a plethora of features to support your studio marketing and publicity efforts and your website effectiveness.

Fifty plus (50+) reasons that you should activate your account today.

  1. Provided at no cost to Certified Studio Owners

  2. Fully hosted and managed solution

  3. No maintenance issues for you

  4. Over 250 different site designs to start with

  5. Custom site design available

  6. Your site design can automatically change with the seasons and/or holidays

  7. You can create multiple sites for your use

  8. Choose from premium custom domains

  9. Use your own domain

  10. World Class anti-spam protection

  11. Real time statistics about site visitors

  12. Built In Search Engine Optimization Tools 

  13. Feature Random Testimonials

  14. User uploadable avatars

  15. Site Members Directory (automatically updates itself as members signup or drop off)

  16. Live Chat among signed on members (like Facebook)

  17. Mass email all site users

  18. Text message signed up users (

  19. Send mobile coupons

  20. Send  voice broadcasts

  21. Send video broadcasts

  22. Update multiple Social Media sites for your studio automatically

  23. Facebook Like Button built into your site

  24. You can email updates to your site from your cell phone

  25. Site visitors can buy gift certificates right through your site

  26. Site visitors can print free trial coupons and more directly from your site

  27. Use Video in your site

  28. Use Podcasts in your site

  29. Use Music in your site

  30. Create Photo Albums on your site 

  31. Bulk upload features for submitting lots of files at one time

  32. Easy integration into your site of external video and photo sites if you already have your photos and videos hosted elsewhere. They can still appear inside your site. No problem.

  33. Upload document and spreadsheet attachments to pages and posts of your site

  34. Restrict access to specific site contents for students only

  35. Easy RSS integration

  36. Automatic “Welcome” emails sent to new site signups

  37. Automatic “Thank You” emails sent to site visitors who post comments

  38. Feature Live Countdown timers to event dates

  39. Feature a dynamic  Event Calendar

  40. Easy Google Calendar Integration

  41. Studio Store Finder Location Map

  42. Easy Google Map Integration

  43. Users can Rate the Posts on your site

  44. User can Rate Comments on your site

  45. Easily offer Custom Polls & Surveys on your site

  46. Run interactive contests on your site

  47. Run auctions on your site  (like eBay)

  48. Sell Cafepress items directly inside your site

  49. Sell anything you want in your online store

  50. Earn commissions through links from your site to the Soo Bahk Do institute video site

  51. Check Student membership through your site (coming soon)

  52. Submit Gup Test Recommendations through your site (coming soon)