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SooBahkDo.Biz themes provide a layout for the content of your site and some themes may also include some built in features.

Some themes allow you to select different layouts and others have various degrees of design flexibility.

SooBahkDo.Biz has 250+ designs to choose from.

Some themes have significant design elements and imagery built in that are not intended to be modified. (Unless otherwise indicated these are not recommendations, just examples.)

  • Adventure Journal

  • Aqua Blue

  • Chinese Art

  • Glossy Stylo

  • Mobile Flow

  • Spa Theme

  • Strange Little Town

  • Trans Travel

  • Visitered little

  • Windows Media Player

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • others
Some themes may have very little graphic content built in and and serve more as a framework for you to add your own. (Unless otherwise indicated these are not recommendations, just examples.)

  • Arras

  • HeatMap Pro

  • Cover WP

  • Cutline

  • Deep Blue (buggy)

  • Emptiness

  • Gameboard

  • Graphene

  • Thematic

  • Hybrid

  • iBlog

  • Platform

  • Station

  • Whitehouse

  • WP Framework

  • others
Some themes provide lots of user configurable options and some uploadable image locations while others do not.

The more options and flexibility that a theme provides, the more time you will need to spend learning about how to configure it to get the appearance that you want.

Since you can change themes at any time without affecting your content, you may want to select a simple theme and spend some time adding pages, posts and content.  Later after you have created some content, then you can switch from theme to theme to get a rough idea of how your content will look in another theme. We can even assist you with replacing graphics in themes that do not provide user options to do so.

Be aware that images you upload may need to be different sizes in order to display properly on different themes and they may need to be attached differently to posts and pages in different themes, so not all content will automatically display correctly when you initially switch to another theme.

You can step through these example sites to see some display differences that you may encounter.

In these example sites, the same content and the same images are presented in each theme to illustrate how things may look differently when changing themes. You may need to spend some time reconfiguring your content for a new theme if you prefer one that requires content modifications in order to get the appearance you prefer.