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To access written and Video Tutorials, click on the right hand menu “Categories” section and select “Tutorials.”

The platform has a multitude of features and tutorials which provide instructions about how to configure and use them. Deploy only one or two features or use as many as you like.  You can make your site as engaging to visitors as you want.

  1. Activate your personal Biz Site (its free for Certified Studio Owners)
  2. How to change the appearance of your site
    • Choose your basic site design (theme) A default theme is activated for you when you create your site, but you can also choose another from the 400+ themes available. 
    • Configure the options of your theme
    • Upload images to customize your site appearance
      • How To Add An Image From Your Computer
  3. Decide which features you want your site to have
    • Set Theme Options
    • Activate Plugins