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8 Key Concepts For Holiday Marketing
According To Marketo

8 Key Concepts For Holiday Marketing according to Marketo. Moo Duk Kwan® certified school owners can read between the lines of this insightful publication from Marketo and gleen some tips for improving the effectiveness of your holiday promotion of your school this season.

How Do You Describe Your Intro, Trial or School Offerings To The Public?

There is no right or wrong way to describe your schools offering to the public, but there are less effective and more effective ways of describing your Intro, Trial or school offerings to non-practitioners when you want them to reach out and contact you.

How “effective” your public presentation is should be evaluated solely by how many new student leads and prospects that it generates for your school.

What if you could change one thing about how you promote your school and double your enrollment?

Proven Conversion Processes Improve Conversion Results

Excited and motivated students don't quit and parents witnessing positive differences in their child at home are likely to be eager to enroll their child beyond the trial program.
Invest a few moments to explore this potentially powerful conversion process and you'll surely come away with some exciting new ideas for growing your school and which are actionable this month. 
Proven Conversion Processes Improve Conversion Results 1