Back To School Shopping Trends and Marketing

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May and June are optimal months to begin your Back To School planning and marketing. In fact, statistics about back to school shopping trends may surprise you! Check em out and you may just get an idea or two about how to better prepare for a wave of new students as school begins.

Attract A Ton Of New Students In The Summer

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I Used to HATE the Summer Months..... but with a couple new strategies, and a little ingenuity, I was able to literally transform the summer months into one of my BUSIEST marketing seasons of the year!

SMS Texting Rules

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Schools that can attract one more new student per year (or retain one more student) than the previous year consistently experience growth over time.

Employing every possible strategic marketing advantage makes a difference and it only needs to make a difference of one more student than last year to be effective.

Live Sports Event Attendance Is Diminishing
Can Online Video Bring Back The Audience?

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The fact that sports event attendance is diminishing across many types of events seems to suggest a pardigm shift of some kind among event attendees. Perhaps martial art organizations and schools can gain some insights and learn a lesson or two from this trend as it may apply to tournament attendance, etc.

How The National Festival Can Help Reduce Dropouts

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Even though only about 13% of all students typically attend the National Festival, school owners can use the National Festival to boost interest in the 87% of students who have no plans of attending the National Festival.