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What is

It is a collection of online resources provided for studios certified by the U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation as a benefit of studio certification and to support the growth and success of Moo Do Dojangs. members can quickly and easily:

  1. create one or more full featured websites to help attract potential new students
  2. create a personal site to inform the public of your credentials, etc.
  3. check out the top menu link Showcase of sites built with tools
  4. choose a prestigious  url or several others for your online presence(s)
  5. and others
  6. OR you can also use your existing top level url or any one you want
  7. create an interactive community site for students and/or the public
  8. create an interactive wiki for your studio
  9. provide interactive chat functionality for students visiting your site (like Facebook)
  10. provide friending capability inside your site (like Facebook)
  11. provide private messaging among your site’s members (like Facebook)
  12. create and easily maintain an active social media presence using tools
  13. appear in up to 100+ or more social sites in one click
  14. attract new potential students from improved search engine results
  15. acquire new students from social media referrals
  16. increase studio’s public visibility online
  17. monitor your studio’s online visibility and visitor stats
  18. increase the head instructor’s public visibility and authority image online
  19. sell studio products and services online immediately
  20. sell trial lesson gift certificates through your site
  21. provide coupons and vouchers that site visitors can print right from your site
  22. initiate online contests to spread the word about your studio
  23. use text messaging system to enhance real-time communication with students
  24. use mobile keywords to evaluate studio marketing campaign responses in real time
  25. access the certified studio wholesale price list
  26. access TAC training resources only available to certified studio owners on the Institute
  27. New Technical Videos from TAC  at!
  28. enroll in an affiliate revenue program for certified studio owners
  29. provide only your students with access to your own personal training videos online
  30. submit gup testing recommendations through built in interface for studio owners (forthcoming)
  31. lookup student membership status through built in interface for studio owners (forthcoming)
  32. more…