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Reading broadens one's perspectives, raises new ideas and creates opportunities for understanding, enlightenment, inspiration and motivation that may be missed otherwise.

Sharing your favorite reads with others provides them with an opportunity to enjoy the message you enjoyed.

Some of the absolute "must reads" on our Recommended Reading list include:

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One thought on “Recommended Reading

  • Phil Duncan

    Had a very nice conversation with Sa Bom Nim Michael Garagusso today and he suggested a “must read” book to me during our chat. For those that know him, his passion, energy, charisma and excitement about teaching Soo Bahk Do are only eclipsed by the remarkable (and statistically impossible) results that he consistently achieves at his school in Williamstown, NJ.

    Over the years I have requested Sa Bom Nim Garaguso to share his “recommended reading” list with me and every book he has suggested has been a gem.

    So when he suggested “The One Thing” by Gary Keller, I immediately ordered my copy on Amazon and can’t wait to get it.

    Grab your own copy here: