Do You Have School Owner Skills?


Being a superbly skilled practitioner does not automatically mean that you possess the additional skills necessary to be a successful school owner, so you will need to expand your skill set beyond just being an excellent practitioner if you also want to run a successful moo do teaching program or school that achieves your personal goals.

Being a Certified Instructor is about effectively transmitting the art from Instructor to student and creating a new generation of practitioners.

Running a school is about running a business and that requires entrepreneurial skills in addition to being an instructor and practitioner.

Through a bit of self assessment you may learn a few things about being a school owner (business owner) and perhaps you'll even identify some skill areas to improve or strengthen that will help assure you achieve your personal goals for your school.

What kind of entrepreneur are you:


A Few Of The Skills You'll Need To Run A Successful School

Attracting Students

  • karate-white-belt-800-x800-8Your business plan can help attract students for the life of your school
  • How important is your location?
  • How to find community involvement opportunities
  • Honing your elevator pitch to  perfection
  • How to determine which marketing and advertising will be the most cost effective and generate new student signups for your school
  • How to identify and use local marketing channels that can generate new students for your school.
  • How to use printed materials to promote your school.
  • How to use your website to promote your school.
  • How to use email to promote your school.
  • How to use a keyword and SMS (text messaging) to promote your school
  • How to use social media to promote your school.
  • How to create awesome word-of-mouth advertising about your school

Converting Prospects

  • Proven Conversion Processes Improve Conversion Results 1How to handle info calls 
  • How to confirm appointments
  • What to do about no shows.
  • How to overcome price objections
  • How to conduct an enrollment conference
  • How to write web page content (or hire it written for you) that will convert visitors into paid online signups
  • How to write autoresponder follow-up email messages (or hire them written for you) that turn visitors into paid online signups
  • How to create an effective keyword and SMS (text messaging) offer to promote your school that results in signups
  • How to conduct an upgrade conference

Retaining Students

  • RetentionToolsToolboxKeepRetainCustomersEmployees-270x250-8Teach exciting classes
  • Use a lesson plan and stick to it
  • Teach to the student's age
  • Employ effective class ending techniques
  • Acknowledge student progress sooner than later
  • When to initiate "miss you" messages
  • How to automate "miss you" messages via Text or email
  • When to initiate "awesome calls"
  • How to automate "awesome" messages via Text or email
  • How to conduct a pre-test parent-student conference
  • How to conduct an upgrade conference that assures long-term student retention
  • How to INSPIRE a student to START a teaching program or open a school
  • How to EDUCATE a student for success at running a teaching program or school
  • How to MOTIVATE a student to take action and start a teaching program or open a school
  • How to train a Jo Kyo, Kyo Sa and Sa Bom in skills needed to operate a school
  • How to encourage your students to refer new students
  • How to encourage parents to refer new students
  • How to use the retention magic of events
  • How to motivate your students to attend an event
  • How to motivate students and parents to participate in a fundraiser

Managing School Operations



If you have a particular area of interest that you would like more information or guidance about, post a comment on this page and perhaps your fellow instructors and school owners will offer their advice and guidance.


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