Martial Arts Drills To Boost Student Retention
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We all know that helping students achieve exceptional performance requires repetition, but repetition can be boring and boring can drive away students and that's not good for a school.

Girl_Boy_Gups_150x226We also know some drills that we have learned or created over the years, but sometimes when we really need to do something new to charge up student enthusiasm, what happens?  Instructor's block.  Our creativity completely abandons us in our moment of need and we are left running our students through the same old drills we've done a thousand times before and the boring invades our school.

All we may need when "Instructor's block" sets in is is a gentle jolt or a fresh image to kickstart our creativity and we are off conducting the most exciting and amazing class ever with some brand new drills that students talk about for weeks. The challenge is where to get that creative kickstart when you need it.

Of course we recommend the Soo Bahk Do® Institute as a first stop to search for drills, but if you don't find a drill that excites you there where can you look next?

Have you shared your favorite drills on the Institute with your fellow school owners?  The TAC invites you to do so.



The AwesomeKarateDrills site indicates that it provides 900+ drills to excite students and skyrocket student retention while boosting parent motivation to keep their children active in your school for only $67 a month.

We have not checked out the free 30-day trial subscription to see if the hype matches the content, so if you check it out, please post a comment on this page for fellow school owners about your findings.

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