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Superior Soo Bahk Do® Skill Exhibitions
A Soo Bahk Do® Alternative To The Olympics?

The Olympics only happen every four years and they capture a lot of public attention when they occur. Even though Soo Bahk Do® is not an Olympic event, creative school owners can benefit from the wave of public awareness and excitement that accompanies the Olympics

How Can You Convert More Student Trials Into Enrollments?

How To Convert More Student Trials Into Paid Enrollments
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When you invest a few moments to explore the powerful conversion process of "My First Six Weeks," you'll surely come away with some exciting new ideas which are actionable this month for growing your school.

Now let's explore the process that non Moo Duk Kwan® instructor Chris Gray has systematized into a powerful program about how to convert more student trials into paid student enrollments.

Proven Conversion Processes Improve Conversion Results

Excited and motivated students don't quit and parents witnessing positive differences in their child at home are likely to be eager to enroll their child beyond the trial program.
Invest a few moments to explore this potentially powerful conversion process and you'll surely come away with some exciting new ideas for growing your school and which are actionable this month. 
Proven Conversion Processes Improve Conversion Results 1

Martial Arts Drills To Boost Student Retention
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We also know some drills that we have learned or created over the years, but sometimes when we really need to do something new to charge up student enthusiasm, what happens?  Instructor's block.  Our creativity completely abandons us in our moment of need and we are left running our students through the same old drills we've done a thousand times before and the boring invades our school.

How Can I Minimize Student Dropouts?
How do you seek to increase student retention?

Student drop outs are inevitable, but they can be minimized through best practices proven to increase student excitement, engagement and longevity. Annually many schools experience about 50% dropout among students and there is a tremendous opportunity to minimize those student departures.