How Do You Handle Info Calls About Your School?

Smilingmantalkingonphone-1600x2322-loDo you know how your competitors handle info calls about their schools?

If not, why not?

Make some calls today and find out how they handle your inquiry call.

If they are good, you may be hard pressed to hang up without making an appointment to visit their school.

If they are not so good, you will dial numbers that ring endlessly, you will get voicemail or you may get "This number has been disconnected"  or you will get someone on the phone who has no goal of getting you to make an appointment at their school.

Just see how many of your toughest competitors willingly tell you their tuition price over the phone.  Likely none.

Serious competitors who plan to stay in business and thrive will very likely:

  • NEVER miss a call
  • NEVER let a caller go to voicemail or if they do will call back within minutes - not hours.
  • ALWAYS use a script focused on getting a commitment from the caller to visit your school before ending the call
  • ALWAYS offer the caller a "buddy deal" to bring a friend with them

Phone Scripts

Using a phone script when answering a call is a technique that many school owners have found to be very effective at converting info calls into appointments.

Telephone scripts are also useful for training your office staff, training instructor apprentices, etc.

If you take time to call your professional competitors, you may get a feel for the script they are using.

The bottom line is that the days of letting an info caller hang up without you securing a commitment for them to visit your school need to be over.

Give the caller one or more reasons to make an appointment to visit your school and make them so compelling that they will not change their mind even if they call other schools after talking to you.

And if you do find them about to hang up without an appointment, ask them to text your school KEYWORD to receive your valuable report about what to look for when selecting a martial art school. (or something else)

If they resist texting, then ask them for their email address so they can receive your valuable report about what to look for when selecting a martial art school. (or something else)

If they resist giving you their email address, then provide them with your website where they can download a copy of your report. (or something else)

Successful schools have a goal every time they answer their phone and they probably have a smile on their face when they answer because they know that their effective phone skills are about to get them a new student.

You get the idea.

Now get the example phone scripts and start crafting your perfect plan of action to get the outcome you want every time you answer an info call.



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