How To Publish Virtual Classes For Your Students
By Dwayne Townsend, Sa Bom Nim
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STEP ONE: How To Create A School Account On The Soo Bahk Do Institute

STEP TWO: How To Upload A Video On Your School Account

STEP THREE: How Create An Article On Your School Account

STEP FOUR: How Create A Group On Your School Account

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Is Your School Holding Virtual Classes?   Recently updated !


A) Moo Duk Kwan Schools Nationwide Are Shutdown!


B) Moo Duk Kwan Schools Nationwide Defeat Shutdown By Providing Full Schedule of Virtual Classes

Which one best describes the reality you plan to create for your school and your students?

Financial Self-Defense Checklist For COVID-19
Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) Recommendations

With the coronavirus now having a global effect on the world population, there has never been a stranger and more troublesome time for the small business.

Fear is widespread and people are actively being told to stay home.

That’s why we want you to be prepared in case you are asked or required to close your school.

So download this quick checklist to help you in the event you have to shut down.