Birthday Cards Sent To Prospective New Students Automatically Every Month

Postcard Mania is offering an interesting new twist on the Birthday Club concept because instead of targeting your existing students birthdays, you will also be reaching out to non-students who have birthdays approaching and thus may be new student prospects.

You define your target mailing radius around your school and specify  your criteria for who you want to receive your postcard and then design a postcard that speaks to the audience you want to target. The rest is automatic.

birthday-party-v2-1600x1000-medFor example, lets say you want to increase the number of children's birthday parties that you host at your school because each birthday party will have a dozen or more non-students in attendance and you have the chance to excite each one and motivate them and their parents to enroll in a trial.  You might target households with children within 3-5 miles of your school and then you might send them a card like this.

Or lets say you want to increase the number of adults in your school  because you want to start an adults only class, but do not currently have enough adults to justify a separate class for them. In this case you might specify different demographic criteria and you'd use a different postcard design that speaks to adults perhaps announcing your new ADULTS ONLY "Daybreak Fitness Formula Class" enrolling now.

Postcard Mania's  site indicates a minimum order of 250 pieces at 55 cents each. The 55 cents per piece includes postage, printing and mailing service.

Would you invest $127.50 each month to mail postcards to potential students who are having birthdays during the month within 3-5 miles of your school?

Lets say you try it for a month and only get one new student.

Was that worth the investment of $127.50?

Would you continue it next month?

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