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Decreasing Student Dropout / Increasing Student Retention

You may be able to learn six techniques for decreasing student dropouts and increasing student retention in about an hour and you can do it for ZERO COST other than setting aside the time for a self-education learning experience, NOT A BUYING EXPERIENCE. Remember that.

Your goal is to educate yourself and after you learn what you can from this vendor, then there are several more you can learn from using the "Vendor University" self-education strategy for acquiring business education.



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Want Better Student Retention?


Webinar THIS Thursday Reveals 6 Proven Solutions.

You're Invited to our FREE Student Retention Systems Webina
THURSDAY @ 1:00pm Eastern!
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With Special Guests:

AMS Executive Vice President, Master Toby Milroy

Thursday, July 21st - 1:00pm Eastern
1pm Eastern - 12pm Central - 11am Mountain
10am Pacific - 9am Fairbanks - 8AM Honolulu
6pm London - 5am Sydney +1Day
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Why do the TOP schools in the World have such strong student retention?It's NOT because their staff is so "nice".It's NOT because their curriculum is so much better.

It's NOT even because they use a contract (or not).

Now, all of that helps, but it's really something MUCH more "fundamental" than all of that.

There are some schools that "Attract" students, and keep them engaged and excited in classes like a magnet....and other schools that (literally) REPEL students from their schools.

THIS THURSDAY I'll be revealing 6 of the most powerful,
(yet often misunderstood) tactics you can use in
your school to slam the back door shut!
Thursday, July 21st - 1:00pm Eastern
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To submit questions for our session(s), you can either ask them LIVE during our Q&A segment, or Email: Answers@OurAms.com

Yours for Success!

Toby Milroy
Vice President - Sales & Marketing
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