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How Do You Describe Your Intro, Trial or School Offerings To The Public?

There is no right or wrong way to describe your schools offering to the public, but there are less effective and more effective ways of describing your Intro, Trial or school offerings to non-practitioners when you want them to reach out Continue

Call For Comments On TAC Proposals
Please Respond Before July 10, 2016

Authority Pursuant to authority granted to the Technical Advisory Committee via Charter Article IV Section 4  and Bylaws Article II Section 6, and subsequent to multiple consultations with the Kwan Jang Nim, the Technical Advisory Committee is calling for comments on Continue

169 New Students & 125 Parents Showed Up At My School On The Same Day
Share Your Most Successful New Student Recruitment Campaign in The Comments Below

Say What!? Mary Ann Walsh, Dan Bon 17926, 11/11/1952 - 08/22/2012 That's right, one hundred sixty nine (169) excited new students and one-hundred twenty five (125) parents showed up at my school which typically had an enrollment of only 40-50 students. Continue

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