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Wear your belt rank in style outside your school. Great conversation starter. Generate referrals for your school.

Order screeen printed and custom embroidered apparel in brand names featuring the MOO DUK KWAN® fist logo and text:


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Schedule demos at movie theaters

Coordinate demos st movie theaters with the openings of movies like Kung Fu Panda, etc.

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Integrate Testimonials, Referrals and Social Media in Gup Testing Eligibility Process

Automatically generate a steady stream of online content about the school and which can be found in search engines, thus potentially resulting in a consistent flow of new student prospect leads and inquiries.

Have students take ownership for supporting the school's success (PVT) by submitting online testimonials mentioning the instructor by name, the school name and the town the school is in. Each student can be encouraged~required to submit one before each gup rank test. Parents can submit as well. Student provides instructor with a link to where they posted it.

Students are already actively posting on Facebook, etc. and the only difference is requesting 4 specific pieces of information be in their online posts.
1) Instructor's name
2) School Name
3) Town Name
4) Soo Bahk Do or Moo Duk Kwan

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Allow Instructors To Recommend Rank Promotions Via Video Submission on the Soo Bahk Do Institute

A student's instructor would explain their expectations of the student and would review the student's video submissions and when appropriate, submit a rank recommendation for the student to HQ just as is done for gup tests now. Nothing would be different except that the Instructor would be viewing the student performance via video.

Recruitment ideas

• Arranging to have a stall at a school fate or fair where information can be given to parents and a demonstration for the children to watch and be inspired. After the demonstration while the children are captivated an invitation to join in and learn the basics of a front kick, punching in horse riding stance including Ki Haps etc as a quick “come and try”.
• Open day organised for the Do Jang where we advertise anyone can come in to watch and then try in a class that is created soley to “taste” the various aspects of the art including a presentation to provide the reasons and benefits that adults would expect and would buy in to.
• This also can be extended to the adult students with a similar format but the advertising could also be extended to the nearby universities during work hours

Seeking Something? Look inside.

Lead box heading or a a school sign heading perhaps with arrow toward the school.

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