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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Keeping your exisiting site and linking to your site

    • keeping existing site

    • moving site content

    • other

  2. Planning how to use to promote your studio

    • as main studio site

    • as supplemental web presences promoting studio

    • educational based marketing

    • showcasing students, supporters, parents, etc.

    • etc.

  3. Decide on the type of site you want to use

    • several static pages of content about your studio

    • interactive site that students can post comments on, upload photos, videos, etc.

    • single purpose promo site (basically one page on the web)

    • wiki like site

    • membership site

    • community (social) site

    • other

  4. Using your existing url with your new site

  5. Selecting the domain(s) where your site(s) will live

    • select from several domains your sites can live at

  6. Creating a new site at

    • Request the signup code to get started

  7. Configuring site defaults

    • What are permalinks?

    • more

  8. Decide on pages to present

    • What info do you want to present?

  9. Select a theme (page types, layout, graphics, menus)

    • Over 200 themes available to get you started

  10. Configuring your theme

    • Understanding and exploring theme options

  11. Changing themes

    • If you decide you need a different theme...

  12. Setup a navigation menu or use the theme default navigation

    • How do you want visitors to get around your site?

  13. Adding Features To Your Site

    1. Add text messaging signup (

    2. Add a class schedule calendar

    3. Add instructor biography pages

    4. Add images to pages or posts

    5. Add a photo gallery

    6. Add videos

    7. Add a video gallery

    8. Add an online store

    9. Add an online mall with over 80 items featuring your studio logo

    10. Add ecommerce to your site

    11. Add a Feed (Out)

    12. Make it a membership site  (registration required to access certain content - like the wiki)

    13. Run an automated online contest to help spread the word about your studio

    14. Mobilize your site

    15. Socialize your site

  14. Writing Posts

  15. Categories

  16. Tags


  18. Feeds (In)

    • What is a feed?

  19. Search Engine Optimization

    • What is SEO?