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Phonies, Frauds and Thieves

The trademark counterfeiting business is booming! Check out the trademark counterfeits at the bottom of this page. Phonies, frauds and thieves are thriving in an industry that is driven by greed, disregard for the rights and reputations of others and by consumers with low self esteem. Huh? Yes, you read correctly; consumers with low self esteem have been documented by researchers to be most susceptible to trafficing in the trademark counterfeiting trade....

Do Whiteboard Videos Generate More New Student Prospects?

Whiteboard videos make an interesting and compelling presentation to viewers and have proven results of keeping a viewer engaged even longer than regular video. In short, do whiteboard videos generate more new student prospects than plain video?...

Turn A Quitting Student Into Two Active Students

A strategically planned response to these circumstances may create an opportunity for you to turn an unfortunate situation to your favor and turn a quitting student into two active atudents....