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Signup And New Website Creation

Effective 2013-08-05  To create a new website, you need to email for instructions.

Some content on is only accessible to BIZ site members, so you will need to get the SIGNUP CODE  in order to gain access to restricted access content and to create your own websites.

Signup on  to gain access to content only available to BIZ site members.

You need not create a website to be a subscriber, you can create one or more for free if you want and START something.

BIZ Account Signup:

The Soo Bahk Do BIZ platform enables you to activate your own website with its own domain name and you control its design, features, users, who can access your site’s content and more.

You can even sell access to the content on your site with several different features provided for your site including paid members only access, pay-per-read/view and more.

Click here to see a directory of some sites created using the Soo Bahk Do BIZ platform.

To create your own website you also need to obtain the current SIGNUP code via TEXT MESSAGE by completing the form below or texting SOOBAHKDOBIZ to 69302.

The SIGNUP code changes periodically, so an old one may not work.  

Once you have received the current  SIGNUP CODE, then you can create your new website:  

New Website Creation:

Effective 2013-08-05  To create a new website, you need to email for instructions.


After you create your new website, you will access it and manage it by going to the domain name that you set for your site. You will NOT need to come to to access your site.

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