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How Do You Describe Your Intro, Trial or School Offerings To The Public?

There is no right or wrong way to describe your schools offering to the public, but there are less effective and more effective ways of describing your Intro, Trial or school offerings to non-practitioners when you want them to reach out and contact you.

How “effective” your public presentation is should be evaluated solely by how many new student leads and prospects that it generates for your school.

What if you could change one thing about how you promote your school and double your enrollment?

40 Different Ways To Boost Your Brainstorming Creativity
If your brainstorming sessions fail to produce amazing results, then you may not be doing it right.

Experts in this realm indicate that the QUANTITY of ideas generated not the QUALITY of ideas generated should be the desired outcome of a productive brainstorming session.   The pros over at Creative Market share 40 ways to generate more ideas during a brainstorming session in their blog article:  40 Little Secrets to Brainstorm Tons of Ideas

40 Different Ways To Boost Your Brainstorming Creativity 2