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Can Pokemon Go Attract New Students To Your School?
Learn everything you need to know about Pokemon Go

Could Pokemon Go really help you get the attention of potential new students for your school?

Even if it could, would it be worth the steep learning curve and the potential time sink involved just to experiment with it and see if it generates any new student prospects or not?

Soooooooo do you just ignore the hottest new game on the planet it OR do you figure out a way to test it as a marketing channel for your school?

Get More Clicks On Social Media

The social media marketing gurus over at put together an informative and thought provoking guide for getting more clicks on social media.

You can use this powerful information to increase the effectiveness of your paid Facebook ads and other social media campaigns for your school.

The guide focuses on how to write effective headlines that get more clicks.

Are you addicted to Facebook without even knowing it?

Are you addicted to Facebook without even knowing it? In this informative article that takes about 12 minutes to read, Tristan Harris explains how companies use the science of menu control, Fear of Missing Something Important (FOMSI), intermittent variable rewards, a thousand more techniques to make their technology actually addicting by design as posited in NYU professor Natasha Dow Schull's aptly titled book, Addiction by Design.