What To Expect As A Jo Kyo Apprentice

Jo-Kyo-Tab-trans-1-400x250-8Technical Advisory Committee Jo Kyo Certification Expectations


Your personal instructor will guide you through your apprenticeship program.


Official TAC expectations for aspects of  Jo Kyo training forthcoming on this page


About Jo Kyo Skills

A Jo Kyo primarily assists in the school under the supervision of a Kyo Sa or Sa Bom.

A Jo Kyo begins learning proper instructor demeanor and conduct, skills of floor management, how to teach exciting introductory lessons, how to teach private lessons and learning how to inspires, educate and motivate students to excel.


Phillip Bartolacci: DRAFT PROPOSAL FOR TARGET JO KYO SKILLS  11/14/2007

  1. Student Acquisition: 
    1. Jo Kyo candidates must find and sign up a minimum of 10  students into the  studio they are a part of using Ki carding and/or personal contacts before they can be certified. Each Jo Kyo must recruit no less than 6 new students annually to maintain certification.
  2. Scripts:
    1. Jo Kyo candidates are required to have memorized and be able to deliver the following scripts:
      1. Telephone
        1. 1st Info call
        2. Confirm appointment
        3. Did not show
        4. Missing student
        5. Good job
    2. Ki card
    3. Studio tour
    4. Initial sign up
  3. Office Work:
    1. Jo Kyo candidates are required to be able to complete the  following:
      1. Student agreements
      2. Taking Attendance
      3. Take orders on retail items
      4. Make appointments
      5. Filing of student records
  4. Other:
    1. Studio maintenance
      1. Cleaning
      2. Keeping all areas neat and put away at all times
      3. Mechanical (HVAC etc) awareness (filters, etc)



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