What To Expect As A Sa Bom Apprentice

Sa-Bom-Tab-trans-1-400x250-8Technical Advisory Committee Sa Bom Certification Expectations


Your personal instructor will guide you through your apprenticeship program.


Official TAC expectations for aspects of Sa Bom training forthcoming on this page


About Sa Bom Skills

A Sa Bom aspires to be "a teacher of teachers" and as such one portion of your Sa Bom apprenticeship experience may include teaching Jo Kyo and Kyo Sa the skills that their roles require.

It is helpful to clarify the differences in the role and responsibilities of each. For example, a Jo Kyo primarily assists in class under the supervision of a Kyo Sa or Sa Bom.

However, a Kyo Sa has full responsibility for running classes independently PLUS assuring students have current Federation membership, knowing how to conduct a Moo Duk Kwan® Gup tests, knowing how to prepare Gup test results, knowing proper procedures for submitting Gup rank promotion recommendations to the TAC, knowing proper procedures for awarding Gup certificates, etc.

If a Kyo Sa is also a Teaching Program Leader or a School Owner, then they need business and entrepreneurial training, school management skills, advertising and marketing skills and new student recruitment skills.


Phillip Bartolacci: DRAFT PROPOSAL FOR TARGET SA BOM SKILLS 11/14/2007

  1. Student Acquisition:
    1. Sa Boms have ultimate responsibility for  recruiting new students including supervision of student recruitment by staff, students and parents
  2. Scripts:
    1. Knowledge of, ability to deliver and ability to teach all scripts at all levels
  3. Office:
    1. Knowledge of all office procedures and ability to execute same as     well as ability to teach all areas.
      1. Financial records
      2. Filing and assembly of materials for tax purposes
      3. City/County/State registrations
      4. Permits and licenses
      5. Student agreements especially long term
      6. Ordering supplies from vendors
      7. Paying bills
      8. Bookkeeping
  4. Other:
    1. Supervision of all staff
    2. Supervising of maintenance of studio
    3. Organize and execute internal and external marketing
    4. Advertising
    5. Organize and execute all other PVT activities



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