Are Facebook Likes Worthless?

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According to one video below, Facebook likes are "virtually" worthless. Pun intended

Of course real likes from real people like you  are the  kind  each Facebook page owner hopes to attract, but unfortunately there is a malstrom of "virtual" people wrecking havoc on the system....on purpose...and being paid to do it.

In fact, the Soo Bahk Do Institute and The Soo Bahk Do Biz network of sites  are constantly swarmed with THOUSANDS of phony users  like those mentioned in this video and we must filter them out which can be harder than it seems.

Take a few minutes to watch the first video and you'll leave with a quick education about Facebook likes and some other eye-opening considerations. If you have a bit more time, the second video is a longer PBS documentary that is also enlightening about the "like" behavior.

After considering the information in the video above, then contemplate how phony users and phony like s can be used to manipulate the stock price of tech companies.

You may have read the headlines, "New tech startup gains one million users in only six months and IPO expected to generate 1.5 billion dollars!"One million users that quick. Yeah, right.

And also consider how phony users and phony likes rob advertisers who are spending advertising dollars to get their page seen by  "real" people.

Many likes and users are bogus and because of Facebook's algorithms they reduce the number of real people who see your Facebook posts, which may then compel you to spend money to advertise and there you have it.  Worthless likes and  your money wasted.

So what is the solution? Avoid any temptation to increase your Facebook like counts except by real people.

Ironically, those who pursue phony likes and get a bunch of them on their page, must then pay out much more in advertising dollars just to be seen by real people than do page owners who may have fewer likes, but whose likes are primarily real people attracted to quality content .

One might say that is how internet karama works.

A great PBS video about the current generation's infatuation with Facebook likes.

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