Soo Bahk Do Messaging Puts You Ahead of The Pack

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The United States Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation® provides certified studio owners with access to Soo Bahk Do Messaging at which is an email, text messaging and social media marketing solution to support the public promotion of your teaching activity, recruitment of new students and communication with, and retention of existing students.

This service is provisioned and provided for studio owners and is available with via a free trial that does not even require a credit card to activate.

Sa Bom Nim Rich Grogan of Region 5 reports that he has had excellent results and that is has become an integral part of his communication toolset for operating his dojang. He volunteered to share his experience using the system with any other studio owner interested in how it can support dojang operations and how economical Soo Bahk Do Messaging is compared to other similar services he researched. It is easy to setup, easy to use and the results are instant.

Text messaging and QR codes are being used more and more by other companies and groups vying for the public's attention and seeking potential new participants. (martial arts schools, soccer teams, baseball teams, church groups, clubs, etc.) Soo Bahk Do Messaging does it all and more.

Today we received an offer from a national phone service provider and previously we notified you about a national mailing service provider who had begun selling the same set of text, email and social media services that Soo Bahk Do Messaging has been providing for you since 2010.

However, when you compare the price of other offerings with the economical packages available to you via Soo Bahk Do Messaging, then you will see what a tremendous value you have access to at Sa Bom Nim Grogan also invites anyone who doubts the value of Soo Bahk Do Messaging to give him a call.

NOTHING is more important to the survival of your dojang than the recruitment of new students. New student recruitment even trumps retention as the most critcal factor determining the rise or fall of a dojang.

START something new today that can help you capture the attention of the public in a new and different way and then you can convert the attention you capture into new students at your dojang.

Best wishes for your success. 

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