Why Do You Click Like Or Share?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Why do you "Like" or "Share" on a post or photo on Facebook or elsewhere?

What makes you decide to click the "Like" or "Share" button?

Are you typically compelled to click the "Like" button in order to indicate "agreement with," or "support for," or to notify the person posting that you are "listening to them" or "paying attention" to them?

Are you typically inclined to click the "Share" button when you come across an item that you "think" may be of interest to others who may not have discovered it or may never see it because they may not be "friends" of the account that posted it?

Do you know the difference between who will see your post when you update your status on your timeline versus when you go to another user's timeline and submit a post there instead of posting on your own timeline?

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