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Birthday Cards Sent To Prospective New Students Automatically Every Month

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Postcard Mania is offering an interesting new twist on the Birthday Club concept because instead of targeting your existing students birthdays, you will also be reaching out to non-students who have birthdays approaching and thus may be new student prospects.

You define your target mailing radius around your school and specify  your criteria for who you want to receive your postcard and then design a postcard that speaks to the audience you want to target. The rest is automatic.

Complimentary U.S. Military Personnel Memberships
Do You Promote Free Military Personnel Memberships Through Your School?

Reading Time: 1 minute "Move that U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation shall provide free membership for all active U.S. military personnel (all branches and reserves) and their household members who enroll in a Certified Studio or Certified Teaching Program and submit a membership application in accordance with Federation guidelines effective September 1, 2011. The U.S. Military Membership Program shall continue until modified or cancelled by the Board of Directors.

Motion passed unanimously.


Do You Offer Birthday Parties At Your School?
Great Assignment for PVT Committee, Instructor Apprentices or Instructors

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Over the years, several instructors have told us they do not offer Birthday Parties at their school or they quit doing Birthday Parties because they did not generate students from hosting them.

Some instructors said that their school was too small or they did not have enough students or that they did not have enough time to justify doing Birthday Parties. Mistake. And an opportunity to improve results and grow.

How Do You Describe Your Intro, Trial or School Offerings To The Public?

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There is no right or wrong way to describe your schools offering to the public, but there are less effective and more effective ways of describing your Intro, Trial or school offerings to non-practitioners when you want them to reach out and contact you.

How “effective” your public presentation is should be evaluated solely by how many new student leads and prospects that it generates for your school.

What if you could change one thing about how you promote your school and double your enrollment?

169 New Students & 125 Parents Showed Up At My School On The Same Day
Share Your Most Successful New Student Recruitment Campaign in The Comments Below

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169 New Students And 125 Parents Showed Up At My School On The Same Day. Parents, students and school owners may find value in reading the rest of this remarkable story to learn exactly how these moms worked this magic and contemplating how you as a parent or student might unleash your potential to help your instructor grow your school. 

169 New Students And 125 Parents Showed Up At My School On The Same Day