Sections Texting

SMS Texting Rules

Schools that can attract one more new student per year (or retain one more student) than the previous year consistently experience growth over time.

Employing every possible strategic marketing advantage makes a difference and it only needs to make a difference of one more student than last year to be effective.

Trick or Treat By Text Message
A dedicated Keyword can cost $3000 PER MONTH

Activate a KEYWORD for your school and feature it on all the Halloween promo materials you distribute, publish it on your Facebook posts and business cards, etc.

Take a Keyword for a test drive. Text one of the following and experience how it works. Of course your personalized message would be delivered for your keyword.

Better Than A Business Card

How many times has someone asked you for a business card and you did not have one with you or you were out of cards, etc.?


There was a potential student REQUESTING your information and you did not have it ready to give them.