Do Whiteboard Videos Generate More New Student Prospects?

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Whiteboard videos make an interesting and compelling presentation to viewers and have proven results of keeping a viewer engaged even longer than regular video. In short, do whiteboard videos generate more new student prospects than plain video?

The complexity and technology skills required to create an animated whiteboard video makes them much less common than regular video, but the visual appeal of a whiteboard video is quite engaging and can keep a viewer paying attention to your message longer.

The longer they view, the more likely the viewer is to respond favorably to your message.

Consider this whiteboard video about where good ideas come from.

You can also check out the proliferation of whiteboard videos conveying all sorts of messages by searching for "whiteboard videos."

One company, MA Whiteboard Videos has even created a series of unbranded  whiteboard videos specifically for martial arts schools and you can preview their full series of videos on their pitch page:

If you want to hire someone to create a whiteboard video it can be very expensive, ranging from $1000 to $4000 per minute in length.

OR you can hire a customized whiteboard video created for your studio using the highly skilled resources available at:

OR you can use a software program to create your own hand drawn videos (or have a geeky student or parent create one for you):

Once you have some good videos to promote your studio, getting them found online by prospective students is the next challenge and with his latest and greatest martial arts studio promotional program martial arts school owner and consultant Leigh Childs asserts that he can help you with that:

And remember that platform has built in video SEO capabilities just like those being sold above AND you can even use the BIZ platform to create one or more dedicated "pitch" sites for your studio and on those sites you can feature your regular videos, videos from the Soo Bahk Do Institute or whiteboard videos.

And for Certified Studio Owners, Soo Bahk Do BIZ resources are free.

Just add motivation to use these resources and you may begin responding to more new student prospects today.

Let us know your experience by commenting below.





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