What The Heck Is A Keyword?

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What the heck is a keyword and what’s it got to do with me or growing my dojang?

Your Soo Bahk Do Messaging keywords are your key to  a continual stream of new student referrals, a stronger dojang and more.

Your keywords are similar to your dojang phone number or your email addresse, but MUCH MORE POWERFUL.

Your keywords allow interested people to contact you simply by texting one of them to the Soo Bahk Do Messaging shortcode 70000 (The shortcode is how the magic happens, but more on that in a minute.)

Your keywords empower you to efficiently market your dojang more effectively than ever by word-of-mouth,  via email and via social networking and to do all of it from one simple to use interface and your cell phone.

To respond to a keyword offer on their mobile phone, a person does the following:

  • In the “TO” field on their phone they type  70000
    (In the same place you normally put a telephone number to send a text message)
  • In the “MESSAGE” field on their phone they type one of your KEYWORDS


When they press send the magic begins.

When a text message is sent to 70000, the Soo Bahk Do Messaging  system receives your keyword and:

  1. Instantly their cell phone number is added to your contacts database.
  2. Your contacts database grows with every response.
  3. Instantly any additional information you tell them to text is added to your database.
  4. Instantly they receive a welcome text message
  5. Instantly the system can notify you that a person has texted your keyword.
  6. Instantly, you can respond to them or call them if you are inclined
  7. Instantly they can be scheduled to receive future followup messages or offers from you
  8. Instantly you know which advertising or marketing method is generating responses for you without needing to ask questions or perform complex lead tracking. Soo Bahk Do Messaging  does it all for you automatically from a single text message.
    • For example,
      • If your yellow pages advertisement features KEYWORD1, then you will know that anyone texting KEYWORD1 originated from your yellow pages ad.
      • If your online web page features KEYWORD2 then you will know that anyone texting KEYWORD2 originated from your website.
      • Instantly respondents are sorted in your database so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your different advertising and marketing methods. For Dojang owners one of the most important marketing and advertising efforts is word-of-mouth done by a student or parent referring someon to you.  Your keywords empower you to monitor and supercharge the most critical referral channels that determine the success of your business:
        • Students
        • Parents
        • Instructors
        • All Advertising
  9. Instantly, a person who is referred by one of your students (or other means) can also receive up to ten different text messages that you have setup before hand as the things you want to say to them when they text your keyword. They can also receive future scheduled communications without any other action on your part. It all happens automatically with Soo Bahk Do Messaging
    • What your response messages (auto responders) will say to them depends on who the respondent is, why you asked them to text your  keyword and what is supposed to happen when they do.
      • For example, successful home party plan professionals use keywords as follows:
        1. Student Referral Keyword 
          • Students and parents should not leave your dojang without it!
        2. Current Student Keyword
          • Must use!
        3. Instructor Keyword 
          • For Monitoring Instructor Performance
        4. eCard Keyword  // Elevator Pitch Keyword
            • Better Than Your Business Card!


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