Five January School Promos You May Be Overlooking

January School Promos You May Be Overlooking

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January is the month that forward thinking school owners have geared up for in December so they are prepared to launch annual tuition renewal specials, Valentine's Day specials and more during January, but there are also a ton of lesser known opportunities for January school promos you may be overlooking.

School owners who are willing to exercise their creative muscles a bit can conceive multiple new campaigns to promote their school in January.  For example, what kind of promos for your school might you create and initiate for the entire month of January of for special dates within January.


Five January School Promos You May Be Overlooking

  • January is Hobby Month

    • Reading Contest (Scholarly)
    • Drawing or Painting
    • Hiking
    • Biking
    • etc.
  • January is International Creativity Month

    • Create a gift for parents, teacher, etc.
    • T-Shirt Design Contest
    • Poster Design Contest
    • Students charged to generate a list of creative new ways to attract new students
    • etc.
  • January is Get A Balanced Life Month

    • Soo Bahk Do
    • Meditation
    • Breathing (Moo Pahl Dahn Khum)
    • Tai Chi influence
    • Regularly scheduled training
    • etc.
  • January is Rising Star Month

    • Five January School Promos You May Be OverlookingHave you ever considered offering a Horoscope special in January?
    • Acknowledge one or more exceptional students as rising stars
    • Your school identifies and acknowledges someone in your community as a rising star
      • Veteran
      • Teacher
      • Policemen
      • Fireman
      • etc.
  • January is Celebration of Life Month

    • Gratitude
    • Appreciation
    • Mindfullness
    • etc.

With a little bit of forethought and planning, any one or more such ideas could attract the attention of non-practitioners during the month of January and compel them to contact you for more information about your programs.

Share your ideas with fellow school owners by posting a comment below.


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