Three Ways To Promo Your School With Halloween
Attract New Students And Boost Current Student Morale

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Halloween provides an opportunity for your school to capture the attention of the public and be visible and memorable in the context of this seasonal event.

School owners have reported several ways that they have linked awareness of their school to public awareness of Halloween and these three were the most popular.

Remember that any kind of marketing beats no marketing every time

Download the licensed images below and customize them with your school info. You can do so using a word processor by embedding the image in a document and then inserting text boxes in the document and set them to display in front of the image. You can then modify the box and text colors to suit your preferences and fill in your school info. OR just download and use the ones below that we have already prepared for you.

1) Trick or Treaters Welcome At Your School

  • Publish in Advance That Trick Or Treaters are welcome at your school (or a location sponsored by your school) and make arrangements to provide candy and school promo items for distribution to Trick or Treaters.
    • Possible PVT Activity.
    • Be sure to include some kind of "Bring Your Zombie Friend," or other special in whatever you distribute. 🙂
    • Text your school keyword to claim a treat

2) Trick or Treater Safety School

  • Publish in Advance That Your School is Sponsoring a Trick or Treater Safety School on one or more dates prior to Halloween.
    • Use a catchy name:
      • "How To Fight A Zombie"
      • "How To Be Monster Proof"
      • "Monster Proof Kids Need Never Be Scared"
      • etc.
    • Possible PVT Activity.
    • Possible Instructor Apprentices Training Opportunity to run the Safety School
    • Prepare and Hand Out a Safety Tips Card (with your school info on it of course) To All Attendees
    • In advance be sure to get the flyers, ads, cards, etc that are announcing your Safety School into the awareness of parents
    • Text your school keyword to pre-enroll

3) Halloween Party

  • Publish in Advance  That You Are Throwing a Big Halloween Party At Your School (or at a location sponsored by your school) and make it a "Bring Your Zombie Friend" event.
    • Possible PVT Activity.
    • Be sure to provide party favors or something that refers to your school and any special offer you might extend to all who attend your party.
    • Text your school keyword to RSVP


Click On Image Above To Download The Image

  • Note: Be sure to click and enlarge the image before right-clicking to download it or you will download a very small image file.

Download The Word Doc Below And You Can Customize The Text With Your Word Processor

Text boxes have already been added to each of the six blank images ready for you to type your school info in and print, post online or email etc.

Download (DOCX, Unknown)

Download PDF File Containing Six Blank Images

Download (PDF, Unknown)

BONUS: Trick or Treat By Text Message

Activate a KEYWORD for your school and feature it on all the Halloween promo materials you distribute, publish it on your Facebook posts and business cards, etc.

Take a Keyword for a test drive. Text one of the following and experience how it works. Of course your personalized message would be delivered for your keyword.

One of these could belong to your school just for the asking.

  • Text TRICK  to 70000 to claim your treat.
  • Text TREAT to 70000 to claim your treat.
  • Text TRICKORTREAT  to 70000 to claim your treat.

A keyword is like a vanity phone number like (888) SOO-BAHK. Only one entity can have a specific keyword.

Like a phone number, no one else can have the same keyword as you, so once a keyword is claimed its gone for as long as the owner keeps it.

A dedicated Keyword can cost $3000 PER MONTH, but the Federation has arranged for Certified Schools to have one for FREE.

So if you are not using your $3000 PER MONTH Keyword, then only one question comes to mind.... WHY NOT?

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