Does A Student Need Their Instructor's Signature To Order An Instructor Certification Study Kit?

The printed order form for Instructor Certification Study Kits features an oath by the purchaser that the student has discussed their plans with the Instructor and that they understand that acquisition of the study kit does not entitle them to test.

When subscribing to the installment payment plan for an Instructor Certification Kit on the Soo Bahk Do® Institute, the purchaser will soon be required to check a box indicating the same oath and understanding.

There is not currently a restriction on how early or at what rank a person is when ordering the study kits. The requirements only apply to a student's eligibility to enter an apprenticeship program or to take the examination for certification. So even if a white belt orders a Sa Bom Certification Study Kit (for whatever reason) they are not eligible to enroll in an apprenticeship program until their instructor offers it and they are not eligible to test until all requirements are met including the Instructor's recommendation.

This is much like a 1st year college student buying a graduate level textbook in the college bookstore. They can read it, but until they take the related course and pass it, their possession of the text book means nothing more than an indication of their interest in the subject matter.