How Do I Find Out About How To Test For Kyo Bom Nov 2019?

Kyo Bom FAQCategory: Kyo BomHow Do I Find Out About How To Test For Kyo Bom Nov 2019?
Soo Bahk Do Biz Staff asked 6 months ago

Regarding Blue Kyo Bom - if I am possibly on track to test at KDJ for 4th Dan this coming November. assuming instructor approval, will I automatically be informed of the KyoBom (Blue) changes/new directives?

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Soo Bahk Do Biz Staff answered 6 months ago

It is necessary for us to communicate with all members and school owners and create awareness that Kyo Bom is a 4th Dan requirement for anyone recommend to test and thus they would need to acquire the Kyo Bom Certification Study Kit as a Sam Dan 12 months prior to their 4th dan test.
This year (2019) is the only year that special dispensation of that time requirement is planned.
So we need to create widespread school owner and member awareness especially among Sam Dans that they need to acquire the Kyo Bom Certification Study Kit 12 months before their target 4th dan exam date and keep spreading awareness until it is commonly understood like the time frames for Jo Kyo, Kyo Sa and Sa Bom already are understood.
The invite letter for KDJSS candidates will mention the Kyo Bom paperwork to submit, but at that time it is too late to acquire the Study Kit and complete the 12-month apprenticeship, so awareness of acquisition timing must happen before-hand among Sam Dans at minimum.
We have a 90 Day window to create that awareness so members can take advantage of the 50% discount.  Ordering instructions, etc will be published very shortly on this page:

Soo Bahk Do Biz Staff answered 6 months ago

Anyone can acquire the Kyo Bom kit at 50% off during the 90-day window regardless of when they plan to take the exam.


As a Jo Kyo targeting testing for KDJ, you have two paths depending on your goals.

If you are a Jo Kyo targeting testing for KDJ in 2019, technically you need to possess the Kyo Bom Certification Study Kit kit 12 months before being eligible to test, but that is not possible for 2019 candidates due to timing of introduction of the program, so the TAC will allow for time shortages for all who acquire the Kyo Bom Kit during the 90-day acquisition window.

So you could get the kit now at a discount and as Sa Bom Nim Hays indicated in the call, you would then take your exam when you test for KDJ in 2019.

You would exit the exam as an Associate Kyo Bom.


You could acquire the Kyo Sa Certification Study Kit now and by Nov 2019 you would be nearing completion of the 12 month Kyo Sa Certification apprenticeship when you test for KDJ, so provided you complete your Kyo Sa Cert before 2019 KDJ results are announced in Spring of 2020,

then you would exit the KDJSS as a full Kyo Bom Blue.