Practitioners who are not interested in being Instructors

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Christian Naggiar asked 8 months ago

Greetings, what will happen to students Testing for Sa Dan or higher who have no interest in a Teaching career / credentials in Soo Bahk Do? I am concerned that a mandatory program like Kyo Bom may deter some from Testing at all. Jo Kyo, Kyo Sa, and Sa Bom were never Mandatory. Thank you.

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Soo Bahk Do BizSoo Bahk Do Biz Staff answered 8 months ago

When testing for 4th Dan, Associate Kyo Bom Certification is a path for those who may not have plans to teach independently since  Associate Kyo Bom does not confer rank recommendation authority.

As for a scenario in which a student who has worked 10-15 years to be eligible for Sa Dan rank, then choosing not to test because of a requirement, it seems an unlikely case because the same could be said of EVERY requirement the student has already previously chosen to fulfill in order to advance to that rank opportunity.

Kyo Bom certification confers a new level of recognition and professionalism upon the certification holder by acknowledging attributes and skill sets that they have achieved and successfully demonstrated and which are not apparent from only a physical performance observation.

While rank certification asserts that the holder has achieved and demonstrated a specific level of physical proficiency, Kyo Bom certification further asserts that the certified individual:

  • can appropriately represent the martial art of Soo Bahk Do® in all realms
  • has the ability to effectively demonstrate and convey the art to learners
  • possesses fundamental technology skills
  • has demonstrated the ability to collaborate with a group remotely
  • is Background Check approved
  • has completed Child Safety Training
  • possesses other skills not evident from physical performance alone